UEFI NTFS: Bootable Windows USB from Linux

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Installing Windows from USB drive in UEFI mode requires a FAT32 formatted USB drive. How to create that bootable USB is described in Make a bootable Windows USB from Linux (Ubuntu). However that method is unusable in some cases where install.wim is larger than 4 GB.

The procedure that is about to follow should work with any Windows version that supports UEFI boot (Windows 7 on 64 bits and all the newer versions). It has been successfully tested only in VirtualBox but it should work on real hardware too.

We will make two partitions on the USB drive, one that is FAT32 and will hold an EFI bootloader and the other is NTFS and holds Windows installation files. The bootloader will use a NTFS driver to read the NTFS partition and boot Windows.

UEFI NTFS: Bootable Windows USB from Linux

Change mouse cursor theme in Ubuntu

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There are a few applications that should allow changing default mouse cursor in Ubuntu. Unity Tweak Tool, GNOME Tweak Tool, Dconf Editor fail to change the mouse cursor or do it in such a way that it uses mixed themes.

In order to have a consistent cursor theme you must select it from one of these apps and also run a command in Terminal. First, the command. This is the most important and you may not even need to change the cursor theme from those apps too.
sudo update-alternatives --config x-cursor-theme
Change mouse cursor theme in Ubuntu

Safely try new kernels in Ubuntu Linux

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Some while ago, bothered by the ACPI PCC Probe Failed message at every boot, I decided to try the latest Linux kernel, which was at version 4.2. But I ran into troubles. So this tutorial is not focused on installing new kernels, but on the steps you should take to maximize the chances your new kernel will work and how do you prepare to restore your system to the old kernel, before actually installing the new one.

Here is what I recommend doing before trying a new kernel: