The Global Printed Circuit Board Market (infographic)

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A crisp infographic that compiles the latest PCB market stats, trends, and advancements in an easily digestible way

In 2020, the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) market size was valued at around $60 billion and was projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 3% from 2021-2027.

Component miniaturization has sped off the market growth for miniaturized, lightweight, and high-performing PCBs in electronics like smart wearables, healthcare equipment, and other portable gadgets. Various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are venturing into customized circuit board designs to improve miniaturization and obtain sleek shapes. The trend has further influenced the growth of three-dimensional printing to create compact PCBs by mounting parts on the inner layers.

The Global Printed Circuit Board Market (infographic)

You can use PCBs to link electronic parts through signal traces and conductive paths in a copper laminate coated with non-conductive materials. The electronic parts mounted on a bare board include diodes, transistors, resistors, inductors, capacitors, and other radio components.

The global PCB industry is shifting to high precision, high density, and high reliability, continuously refining performance, improving productivity, and developing towards specialization, scale, and eco-friendly manufacturing to meet the development of the downstream electronic industry.

This infographic presents a numerical description of some of the latest statistics and forecasts in the global PCB market, along with the latest trends and developments in this fast-growing industry.

Global PCB market infographic

Source: MKTPCB, Small to Medium Batch PCB Fab & PCBA Service.

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