Turnkey PCB Assembly by PCBGOGO - 2022 Q3

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PCBGOGO offers high-quality PCBs assembly since 2015. As electronics engineers' best partners, they remain committed to provide unparalleled service.

Modern electronic devices can only work properly if the printed circuit boards (PCBs) they are built on are reliably manufactured with high precision. PCBGOGO manufactures the best PCBs and they can meet specific client needs. It is one of the world's leading PCB manufacturers, with a production line that can provide both precision and reliability. PCBGOGO provides turnkey assembly for their customers so you can use the PCB as soon as it is delivered to you. They provide quick, professional, and reliable turnkey PCB assembly.

Turnkey PCB Assembly by PCBGOGO - 2022 Q3

This company handles PCB manufacture and assembly, components sourcing and prototype testing according to customers design. Fot the buyer, the process is simple: order, receive then use. This company uses cloud software to make turnkey PCB assembly more reliable, quick, and efficient as well as cost-effective for users who run small businesses.

Quick Turnkey PCB production

Turnkey PCB assembly refers to ready-to-use PCB which is done entirely by manufacturers. Quick turnkey PCB assembly comprises all essential services listed below:

  • PCB prototyping and assembly
  • Component sourcing 
  • Low/High volume PCB assembly 
  • Product testing and inspecting 
  • IC programming
  • Durable and safe packaging
  • Inventory management 
  • Fast and reliable shipping

PCBGOGO Turnkey PCB assembly capabilities

PCBGOGO PCB Assembly factory
PCBGOGO PCB Assembly factory

PCBGOGO can take low, mid, and high/mass production PCB assembly orders and ensures the quality and product according to customers expectations. Their highly professional staff and engineers start working and component sourcing for your project right after the placement of your PCBA order. They have proper equipped PCB factory, with up-to-date fabricating, manufacturing, and testing/inspecting machinery.

PCBGOGO manufactures turnkey PCBs of various kinds such as flex PCB, Metal core PCB, rigid PCB as well as single and double-sided PCBs. PCBA is done over SMT (surface mount technology), THT (thru-hole technology), and Mixed technology - which includes single-sided mixed PCB assembly, PCB with double-sided mixed assembly, and PCB with one side of SMT and the other side of THT assembly. Turnkey PCB assembly comprises SMD stencil offering, component sourcing, and BGA assembly.

Component sourcing

Component sourcing is an important factor in PCB manufacturing. Durable, good quality, and affordable PCB components define the quality and strength of the electric device. PCBGOGO provides the best quality component sourcing. All PCB components can be sourced by PCBGOGO and shipped worldwide.

Component sourcing could be tricky and require knowledge of market standards and quality assurance. PCBGOGO has a reliable solution to this trouble, as we provide affordable yet perfect quality PCB components sourcing from trusted and authorized distributors of your choice.

PCBGOGO essential PCB components
Essential PCB components

PCBGOGO is bound to purchase all PCB components from authorized, well known by market values and best quality producing companies or supplying agencies. Customers can recommend component distributors of their own choice as well.

Significant attributes that PCBGOGO offers for component sourcing

Quality assurance and testing: PCBGOGO follows strict quality standards and traceable supply chain management for each PCB component. The components are inspected and tested at each level of the PCB manufacturing process.

Substantial customer service: Free quotations are provided for your components sourcing. Their team and project manager will stay in touch with you during the PCB production so that the product will turn out exactly as you need. 

Reliable components suppliers: PCBGOGO has a long-run affiliation with Mouser Electronics and Digikey for component sourcing. Yet, they can cooperate with other trustworthy components producing companies according to your recommendation. Reliability, Quality assurance, and timely availability are key preferences for component sourcing from any agency they cooperate with.  

Distinctive customized component sourcing: PCBGOGO can provide various component sourcing services as per your demand. The advantage of one-to-one communication is available to guarantee your preference for components and products. Components will not be substituted without your approval.

Affordable pricing: They can provide you with low-cost but high-quality PCB components. They have more than 15 years of experience in PCB production which has enabled them to have a trustworthy and cooperative relationship with reliable PCB components agencies and suppliers. So they can get high-quality components at affordable pricing.  

Short components sourcing time: A timeline of 24 hours is usually given for quotation after inclusive BOM listing and rectified PCB file. In stock, components can be arranged within 3-5 days. But lead time can vary due to the availability issues and purchase difficulty of certain components. High volume or batch orders require almost 7 to 14 days for complete component sourcing.

Various designs manufactured by PCBGOGO
Various designs manufactured by PCBGOGO

How to get a quote for a quick turnkey PCBA service by PCBGOGO?

  1. Click PCB Quote online to get a turnkey PCB quote now. You can view pricing detail right away after a few required options selection.
  2. Click the PCB assembly quote to get a quote for your PCB assembly. It will instantly show the cost for PCB assembly. Their instant quote system enables you to estimate your budget by viewing the approximate cost of your quote instantly.
  3. Send your BOM file (Bill of Material file) to service@pcbgogo.com. Your BOM file should be comprised of the detail of your order i.e. quantity, reference designators’ detail as well as the manufacturer name and part number. The pricing detail of component sourcing will be quoted within 48 hours of the BOM file or Part number submission. 
  4. Order can be placed directly if you already have your quote.

Potential benefits of turnkey PCB assembly service by PCBGOGO

  • They provide high-quality PCB products and PCBA worldwide since 2015 as the leading PCB manufacturing company in China electronics industry.
  • High-quality quick-turn PCB assembly/prototyping is their strong point.
  • Highly professional staff and engineers who review your order thoroughly and make the best PCB product which is according to your demand.
  • They provide the best components sourcing and product shipping all over the world.
  • Their PCB assembly and fabrication factory is equipped with highly functional, up-to-date, and high-precision machinery.
  • Frequent product inspection and testing are done through high-precision machinery and strict testing systems such as AOI (Automated Optical Inspection), X-Ray testing, QC inspection, and Functional Testing.
  • They even provide after-sale testing through the LCR meter.
  • The reliability of the production line is ensured by ISO: 9001:2015 quality system.
  • Quality, precision, specification, and timely availability are the key factors that are never compromised by PCBGOGO at any level of the production line.
* This post is sponsored by PCBGOGO.

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